What Others Are Saying

Sue Crum Author, Speaker, Trainer
Jack Canfield

Sue shows you how small, specific actions can transform your life to more success and joy-filled tomorrows.

Jack Canfield,
co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul®, author of The Success Principles, star of the hit movie The Secret

Brian Tracy

If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, Sue motivates you to action and gets you moving toward a life of more focus and success.

Brian Tracy
best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, president, Brian Tracy International

Sue Crum has a way of helping you see your time, your life and your value differently. Listen to her and things get better—FAST!

Jonathan Sprinkles,
TV personality, voted National Speaker of the Year

Sue inspires and motivates people to change for the better with her wit and wisdom.

Elizabeth Hagen,
speaker, author, coach - www.ElizabethHagen.com

Sue’s techniques and tools can help even the most stressed get better focus and productivity, along with balance in our lives. She has specific strategies to get us focused on improving the one life we have! She has practical tips and tools for those on overload and overwhelm.

Wanny Hersey, superintendent, Bullis Charter School

Claire-Mary Quinn

It's been such a positive personal progression for me to have these coaching sessions with Sue. She has been so talented, capable and qualified to not only recognize where and how my life can improve but she has also offered me the tools I need to make those changes. My ability to focus has improved and my procrastination has diminished.

Mary Quinn

TAnne Sukova

"Sue’s wisdom, intuition and compassion, combined with her expertise in High Performance Coaching is exactly what I needed to keep my life going in a positive, high-performing direction. Her coaching really helped me tune up my life.

Being a coach myself, I have a tendency to think I’ve already got it all figured out, but Sue doesn’t let me off the hook and that’s why she’s such a great coach. There are areas in my life where I wasn’t seeing where I was getting in my own way and through Sue’s kind and gentle nudges, I awakened to these places and committed to taking steps, and you know what? She holds me to my commitments! Having goals and a plan makes all the difference in the world. Sue is so awesome at guiding me through the process to amp up my game. She always finds a way to make me laugh and helps me stay on track with my greatest desires for my life. "

TAnne Sukova

Sue is truly a gifted coach! Her coaching abilities have helped me so much to increase my productivity, my organizational skills and improved my time management. I have become so clear on my purpose and priorities since working with Sue. She helped me transition into my new role by helping me set clear achievable goals. I was able to move forward and start to live my life’s purpose in a productive and joyful way. Thank you, Sue for your dedication and time supporting my dreams!

M Hall